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New Condo Developments, Designed With You in Mind!


Looking to sell your condo for a house?

You might want to hold off.

As the population continues to expand in Toronto, so does the need for real-estate.

In the last 50 years: Toronto has grown at an exponential rate attempting to embrace its rising population.

Although Toronto continues to expand outwards, it’s beginning to expand upwards at an even quicker rate. Filling the sky with rising buildings.

How high?

Toronto's own AURA - towering at 78 floors, making it the 23rd, tallest residential building in the world!

There has been an estimated 18,914 condo units built in 2015 with that number increasing in 2016.

As more and more professionals and families continue to fill these units, the idea of buying a house is becoming less likely.

The housing market… Although is a GOAL for most individuals who would like to expand the living space, has been decreasing.

Maybe you have experienced or heard one of those scary stories circulating about new homeowners.

If not… Picture this:

Walking into your new home…

It’s a hot day during the summer, temperatures reaching well over 35 Degrees Celsius - INSIDE YOUR HOME!

…and the added expense of replacing the broken air conditioner that may not have been budgeted for.

Or during the first night in your home - and happens to be a rainy one. You are kept awake to a dripping sound all night. This then leads to an extensive home renovation to replace a leaky roof that has mold residue.

These problems are just the beginning of issues that new homeowners are faced with time and time again.

Did we mentioned this is a great ADVANTAGE to condo living? Issues such as these will not surface unexpectedly.

Condo buyers and renters alike are also demanding for contemporary charm and convenience.

Architects are aware of this niche and are inspired to design livable condos with extraordinary features to ensure the same comfort that you would get from a house.

Features include:

  • 1. Raised ceilings
  • 2. Magnificent outdoor gardens
  • 3. Amenities to suit everyone’s wants and interest.

1) Raised Ceilings: The height can reach anywhere from 10’ to 12’. The perception of a more spacious unit.

This is a common feature you will notice in new condos.

This has received great feedback.

Incorporating this slight modification, condos have a larger and more attractive feel. Another item is “floor-to-ceiling” windows and sliding doors. This allows the flow of sunlight, and also feeds into the perception that the space is larger.

2) Magnificent Gardens: The basic residential building just isn’t cutting it anymore!


  • More décor-orientated space (has been popular within the new buildings).
  • A design-driven residential development.

For instance - like homeowners will design their home according to their taste, condo owners utilize the art form of the building to represent an important extension of their own identity.

EVERYTHING from the exterior style of the building, to the interior detailing, has been intricately designed to reflect a more artful palate.

“The entire area captivates with décor design using remarkably detailed art work, colors, and history, all of which are a mainstay in the development of luxury condos,” says, hazeltonre.com

3) Amenities: It does not end there, for most new home buyers price will be a factor to think about, but now amenities have an even stronger force to influence their decision.

Toronto luxury has been redefined with new condo buildings - Now including state-of-the-art amenities.

New owners are comparing different residential buildings based on the amount of professional equipment, square footage, views, and complimentary amenities to rival the big chains.

There is nothing more valuable…

…and motivating

Then having all of the same amenities comparable to the other gym out there while never having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Just to elaborate:

  • Designed spa area with access to a hot tub, saunas, and/or steam room
  • Many buildings now include access to more than one pool area (an indoor and an outdoor pool allowing you to enjoy it all year around)
  • Access to squash-courts, volleyball courts and/or basketball courts.
  • Some have even gone to the extent of offering a bowling alley, billiard-rooms, theater rooms and access to party rooms to name a few.

Let’s talk about gardens….

Condos buildings are incorporating the same amount of care and thought put into the outdoor surrounding areas.

Yes, you heard right! You will find beautifully designed pavilions and landscaped lounging areas.

These areas can be fully enjoyed during the nice temperatures, similar to how you would with a backyard, but minus the time and effort needed to maintain such a space.

Tired of your balcony garden?

A new feature being introduced caters to those who would love to have a garden.

But not just any garden…

…They are offering a designed area allocated to a terrace garden plot. This allows individuals to tend to their own area, allowing the rest of the building to admire such a beautiful sight.

What about convenience?

There also has been a shift to cater to different interests, for instance, by incorporating amenity trends such as conveniently locating an indoor rock-climbing facility, dog spas, and convenient stores

So as you can see, it is safe to say…

As more families and professionals realize the importance of time management, there is no wonder why condo popularity continues to increase.

It has become a race to have only the best in amenities targeting Toronto style luxury living!

…Benefiting the condo owner.

With the modern day condo being equipped with many of the luxuries of life, you thoroughly enjoy the comfort of your new home.

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