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Looking to Increase Your Health? 5 Ways Corporate Travel Can Help!


Travel a lot for business?

You’re not alone.

For some, business travel is a huge perk of one’s occupation…while for others, it may be seen as more of a hardship or an inconvenience.

However, we are “glass half full” kind of people.

It’s true!

We believe that, when done right, business travel can have substantial benefits for the employee’s overall well-being and productivity, which thus translates into benefits for the employer and the business in general.

So here are some of the reasons why corporate travel should be seen as an advantage instead of a hindrance:

1 Health Benefits: Even though you are still travelling for business, travel does eliminate stress…

Just by simply having a change of scenery and venturing out somewhere new it allows your mind and body to reset, thus reducing stress levels. This also helps you to better deal with stress once you return home as well.

It’s proven! Through a multitude of studies, stress is one of the major causes of health issues and increases yours chances of acquiring certain physical and mental illnesses.

Although, a little bit of stress is always good.

Stress if good? Yes, as it helps to motivate you to work hard. BUT…too much stress can be debilitating on your body. Balance is key!

So take the time to go somewhere new. Travelling allows your body to rejuvenate and get your mind off of other stressors at home. By doing this, you can decrease the risk of acquiring certain illnesses such as heart disease and depression.

2 Avoid Burnout While Simultaneously Increasing Adaptability: Travelling anywhere keeps things interesting in your life.

Change your day to day activities and do something new and exciting!

Even if travelling means working!

You are able to (as mentioned above) eliminate stress and avoid a possible burnout. Not only are you avoiding burnout, but by breaking away from your daily routine you are forcing yourself to stay on your toes and not get stagnant in your work.

Throw yourself into a new environment with new colleagues… Adaptability is also key! It is one of the key traits that employers and people alike look for in a candidate, or even just a friend.

Looking to transition effectively into new roles in the workplace?

Not only does this make you a transition pro, but is also helps ease through situations where life may throw various curve balls.

Being able to adapt to various situations and foreign environments allows you to better yourself and be a more well-rounded individual.

3. New Experiences: Wherever you go in the world, there are always new sites to see.

Maybe you are uncomfortable in a new place, but don’t let that interfere… like #2 states, you will adapt and begin to try new things.

Begin by just staking out new restaurants, or visiting the city’s museum, maybe seeing the main attractions… You are experiencing a new culture. Take advantage of this!

Whether it’s a slight or distinct difference, you are opening yourself up to be able to participate in new experiences and new cultures. Also increasing your interaction with new people.

Human interaction is a necessity for mankind! We crave it, we thrive off of it, and we grow from it.

Travelling across the world will allow you to step outside of your comfort zone and meet new friends, colleagues, and help to grow your network. These new experiences also allow you to increase your knowledge base. Travelling anywhere will teach you fundamental skills such as cultural interaction, adaptation, social queues, history, etc.

Just because you may not be a student anymore (or maybe you are!) doesn't mean that the learning stops. It is never a bad time to learn something new.

See experience as that opportunity and run with it!

4. Personal Business Perks: benefit not just yourself, but your overall position in the company.

Alongside all of the above benefits, in most cases you are able to earn personal miles for your travel, even if you may be travelling through your company’s compensation.

Thinking of telecommuting in the future? Corporate travel may increase your chances, or simplify, your transition.

Let’s face it…

…we live in a digital world where, depending on the industry, we are able to work from home or the environment of our choice. Technology has allowed us to remain in constant communication with one another.


One hindrance that stops a lot of people from doing this... is the lack of trust employer’s may have in their employee’s ability to work from home efficiently.

So prove to your boss/manager that you can be a productive and valuable worker while travelling, then this could show him or her that you are able to work on your own or out of the office effectively.

A good side note: When having to fund your traveling expenses, a good CPA can legally argue for a tax-write off. Although it may only be a small amount of coverage – having the right person to competently guide you, other items may surface (flight, amenities, and other travel).

5. Stories: These experiences aren’t available to everyone, so soak them up and appreciate the memories being made!

Last but not least!

If all of the above aren’t EXCELLENT reasons to prove how corporate travel is beneficial ...

...then think of it this way: The smallest thing you can take out of this travel is a story to tell.

All in all, business travel may seem like a burden to some, we can see how beneficial it can be!

Not only are you benefiting one’s overall well-being and health, but all of these advantages translate into benefiting the business or company in the long run. By reducing stress levels, increasing adaptability and knowledge base, and even presenting someone with a new memory, one is able to increase productivity levels and be an even bigger asset to the business than they were before they travelled.